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Gloss Black

Bring some shine to your studio with the gloss black Lash Chair. Sleek, stylish, and incredibly comfortable. 


This smoky gray brings a beautiful mystique and sophisticated style to any studio space.

Matte Black

Our most popular chair, the matte black carries a classical beauty that enhances any space.


Our Beige piece is daring and elegant. The easy to clean and sleek look is sure to please.

Elegence in Design

Our goal is to bring you custom quality style and comfort to your studio and clients. With our innovative lash chair design we have created a chair that fits in any studio large, or small and maximizes ergonomics for truly comfortable and enjoyable lash experiences for both artist and client.

We Deliver

To make your life easier, we have included shipping and handling in he purchase price. We handle all of the logistics. You enjoy.

Easy To Clean

We know the standards for a clean salon are rigorous. Our chairs comply with all safety standards and look great.



While we want our chairs to be functional, we also want them to be comfortable. For the professional and the client. 

A Progressive Design With Comfort In Mind

Our team of professional lash experts worked together to bring you an innovative and functional piece of equipment.

Guaranteed to enhance any studio space with elegance and comfort.

Enhancing The Lash Experience

Our curved design allows for the client to relax in a natural way while granting access to the canvas we work on.

The height of the chair allow is ideal for close proximity to the client without overextension or leg pressure from standing.

My family has spent years in both the furniture building as well as the aesthetic industry, and after seeing the explosive growth, it became abundantly clear that those who were manufacturing the furniture for our clients had little knowledge of the needs of the professionals or the clients. Through market research and pilot programs, we were able to manufacture and refine our chairs to meet the needs of the clients, while keeping in mind the comfort of our beauty professionals.  We are in the business of enhancing lives, promoting inner beauty, and offering a moment of relaxation into an already stressful life. This chair is only the beginning.

Heidi Milne

Owner & CEO, The Lash Chair by Nessie

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